P  A  L  E  T  T  E    T  U  N  E   -   M  A  N  U  A  L

What is Palette Tune


Palette Tune allows you to change the color of individual parts of the image.

The program divides the loaded image into segments. The color of each segment can be changed single or in groups, which allows you to select objects in the image and change their color, saturation, brightness and contrast.

You can colorize black and white photos, and you can fine-tune the palette of color images. But in difference from the numerous automatic coloring services, the color of the individual fragments is completely under your control.

Color management tools allow you to see the result immediately in the process of color correction. Your eyes will tell what kind of hue and saturation the image should have. And this is especially useful for color design.

You can choose the colors of clothes, hair, tune colors for the interior of your housing, accurately adjust the color scheme of your website. You can change colors and immediately see their compatibility on the image.

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