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Manage Color


Click outside to select all Colors in the image can be changed in three modes:

    All images are selected. If you click outside of the image, you can adjust the color of the entire image. This mode starts immediately after the image is loaded.

    One segment or group is active. To activate the mode, just click on where you want to change the color.

    Spectral selection Spectral selection is active. To activate, select objects on the 2D-Spectrum.

After selecting an object, its averaged color becomes available for changing. The object color enters into all controls, all palettes, and also the "Copy Color" button.

Moving the mouse over the palette changes the color of the selected object. We see the object with a new color on the screen at once. But if you move away the mouse from the palette, the object's color will return to the previous state. To set the color change, click on the palette, when the object is painted in the suitable color.

Reset Color Level If the object's color is changed, the "Reset Color" button is active. Use it to return the object's color to its original value. But if the color needs to be reset only partially or vice versa to increase it, use the "Reset Color Level" control.

Reset All Color Level To return all image segments to the original color, use "Reset All Colors". For partially reset or increase the color of all image segments, use "Reset All Colors Level".

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