P  A  L  E  T  T  E    T  U  N  E   -   M  A  N  U  A  L

How it Works


File | Parse... When the image is loaded, the parsing procedure starts and divides the image into separate segments. The color of each segment can be changed individually. Click on the segment and you can change its color.

But if the object in the image is divided into many segments, there are six ways to select such an object for color correction:

After selecting an object, its averaged color becomes available for changing. The object color enters into all controls, and also to the "Copy Color" button.

Color correction is possible on the HSL and LAB palettes, and on separate RGB and HSL channels. But an especially useful tool is the fine-tuning color in the coordinates of Hue/Lightness and Lightness/Saturation.

Moving the mouse along the palette immediately changes the color of the selected object, which is especially valuable for color modeling tasks, color matching, color harmony search.

But if you move away the mouse from the palette the color of the object will return to the previous state. To set the color change, click on the palette when the object is painted in the suitable color.

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