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Auto Fill


Fill Level

The automatic fill method allows you to colorize segments with the color of already colored basic segments.

Select a segment or group of segments. Change the color. Press "Alt+Shift" and turn the mouse wheel Up/Down. Rotating the wheel up increases the "fill level" and this causes the color of the basic segments to spread in the image.

To colorize an object, you need to colorize at least one of its segments and select the "fill level" to color the entire object.

Any group or colored segment is the source of the filling of adjacent free segments. The fill only applies to free and uncolored segments.

If the fill comes from several sides and the segment has a choice, it will be colored with a color of not more than two sources. The proportions of mixing colors are determined by the proximity of the segment's color to the sources in the original image.

For effectiveness of automatic fill, at least one segment of each of the objects in the image should be colored. Partial grouping of segments will also be useful. In this case the color of each free segment will be determined competitively and the results will be much better.

As the results of grouping the segments the fill results can also be canceled by the right mouse button while pressing "Ctrl". In this case it is possible to create a new fill source on the cleaned fragment.

Auto Fill as a method of grouping segments

Fill Level

The results of automatic fill can be saved. In this case, each colored area is converted into a group of segments. You can repeat the process of filling and saving the result several times, increasing the gradually safe "fill level" and increasing the number of basic segments.

Other methods for automatically grouping segments:

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