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Contrast Adjustment


In addition to adjusting color, brightness and saturation, Palette Tune also allows you to adjust the contrast. Like the other parameters, the contrast can be adjusted both for individual fragments and for the all entire image.

Each image fragment (segment or group of segments) can have its own contrast value. If you nullify the contrast, the fragment will be filled with a single color. With increasing contrast, the details which color differs from the average color of the selected fragment, become more and more noticeable.

To give expressiveness, you can add contrast to some of the objects. Saturation and contrast may emphasize. But you can remove the object from the field of view, blur, or even turn into a homogeneous background.

Super Contrast

The averaged color of a fragment is a reference point relative to which the color of each pixel of a fragment changes with a change in contrast. The color value of each pixel depends only on the contrast and color of its fragment and does not depend on other image fragments. It allows to change the contrast in a wide range without illumination and dimming. In some cases, it leads to an amazing result, the effect of super contrast.

Original Image

Super Contrast

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