P  A  L  E  T  T  E    T  U  N  E   -   M  A  N  U  A  L

License agreement


Software license

The software and accompanying documentation you have acquired and any updates you may receive (collectively "Software") are protected by the copyright laws and international copyright treaties. Your possession, purchase, use or evaluation of the Software does not transfer title to the Software itself. Your use of the Software must be made in accordance with the terms of this license agreement. GEO Ltd reserves all rights not specifically granted herein.

Right to evaluate

Palette Tune is distributed as try-before-you-buy. Before buying the licence for Palette Tune, you should test it comprehensively and evaluate its fitness for operation in your conditions. GEO Ltd grants you a non-exclusive right to use the software with restricted capabilities free of charge during the evaluation period. This right shall terminate at the end of the evaluation period, which is programmed into the Software. Following this evaluation period, if you wish to continue to use Palette Tune, you must register it. The conditions for registration of Palette Tune are accessible for you on the site: http://www.PaletteTune.com/register.html

Right to registered use

Provided that you have purchased and registered Palette Tune, GEO Ltd grants you a non-exclusive right to use the Software with full features without time limit on the number of computers corresponding to the number of licences you have purchased.

Multiple licenses

In the event you have purchased a multiple license package (Site License), you may install, register and use multiple copies of the Software limited to the number of licenses purchased; provided, however, that such copies shall be subject to the license granted herein on a one copy to one license basis.

Right to backup

GEO Ltd grants you the non-exclusive right to copy the Software for backup purposes. All backup copies shall be deemed "Software" under this License and shall include all copyright and proprietary rights notices contained in or on the Software.

Right to distribute

GEO Ltd grants you a non-exclusive right to make and distribute copies of the Software installation file provided that: 1) You do not receive any direct payment for such distribution, 2) That any such copies are of the complete and unmodified Software installation file produced by GEO Ltd, and 3) That any such copies are not bundled in a distribution with any other software.

License transfer

You may transfer this license together with the Software to another person who agrees to become bound by the terms and conditions of this License, notifies GEO Ltd in writing of the transfer and, in the case of registered use, registers the Software. Upon any such transfer, all of your rights hereunder shall end.


This license will become effective on the date you accept its terms and conditions during installation of the Software and will remain in force until terminated. You may terminate this License at any time by discontinuing all use of and destroying the Software together with all copies and adaptations. This License shall automatically terminate if you breach any of the terms and conditions of this License. You agree to destroy the original and all copies or adaptations of the Software, or to return them to GEO Ltd upon termination of this License.

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