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Quick methods of segment grouping


Double Click

The quickest and easiest way to select an object for color correction is double-clicking on it. This method is very suitable for objects divided into many small, but related segments of similar color.

But if the object has different colored areas, one double click may not be enough. The result will be much better if a certain number of reference segments are selected beforehand.

Perhaps a double click should be repeated several times to fully select the object. Consistently expanding the selection boundaries, you should control and possibly correct the result. Mistakenly attached segments should be excluded immediately, they can cause much bigger error on the next increasing.

But if the selected object contains segments, the color of which is very different from the already selected ones, some of these segments should be added manually. With the next double click, the automatic selection algorithm will find them and expand the selection area to segments close to them in color.

CTRL + Double Click

If parts of an object are separated and do not have direct connectivity, or several objects should be grouped to jointly correct the color, there are two ways:

    Link individual segments using "CTRL" and the left mouse button, then double-click and expand the selection boundaries.

    Use "CTRL" and double-click for simultaneously linking parts and selecting an object consisting of several parts.

SHIFT + Double Click

Use "SHIFT" and double-click to select segments that are similar in color and have no connection with each other on the whole image. So, for example, you can identify and select a general background, or background object that is partially overlapped by other objects.

Other methods for automatically grouping segments:

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