P  A  L  E  T  T  E   T  U  N  E

Software for Color Design, separate Color Correction and Colorize photos


Color Restoration in Photos

Palette Tune allows you to change the color of individual parts of the image. You can colorize photos, and restore lost colors on the image.

Just click on the segment of the image and change the color the way you want. If a fragment of the image is divided into many segments, they can be easily grouped.

For example.
This photo was taken at a depth of 25 meters:

the original image

In a swift dive, an object for a photo suddenly appeared. But at such a depth the color is no longer as on the surface. The object moved very fast, and set the white balance just was not possible. As a result, the image was almost monochrome.

Palette Tune allows you to colorize a photo, and return the color where it seemed to be irretrievably lost:

image after correction

Download:  Palette Tune 1.6 for Windows

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